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Big Data


The increasing shift towards online interaction has created new ways to socialise and do business; increasing the volume of information captured by enterprises from various data forms and sources. Raw data collection is now on a larger scale than ever. Unlocking the significant consumer trends and behaviours for a business offers a competitive advantage. Oomri support organisations with Big Data Initiatives incorporating:

  • Business data assessment
  • Data storage
  • Data mining
  • Data harvesting
  • Data enrichment
  • Content analysis
  • Master data management
  • Business intelligence systems

Big Data is becoming increasingly important in all industries, yet it is not something well understood by a lot of organisations. We understand “Big Data” can seem like an overwhelming subject area, which is why Oomri offer impartial advice as to how your organisation could be managing Big Data initiatives successfully, and Oomri’s Big Data service help to establish the Big Data opportunities available for your organisation.

The service will assess your ability to achieve business-associated benefits from Big Data and Oomri will provide you with the strategy and the resources to enable this to happen.

Oomri’s Big Data service offers organisations information-centric expertise in three main areas:


We help you to understand, evaluate and ultimately design a roadmap to transform the way your company collects, manages and utilises data. Oomri will design a strategy incorporating the technology and organisational changes necessary to achieve successful data management on a large scale.

Client Representation

You may have a preferred or existing technology vendor that you are committed to using on a Big Data initiative. The challenge is often that your in-house team has limited expertise in the delivery of Big Data projects, and hence lacks the experience required to effectively manage the vendor. Oomri will work alongside your in-house team to ensure the right technical and budgetary decisions are made to ensure your initiative is delivered successfully.


Oomri will work with you to deliver your chosen solution, and has the project resources, experience and skills required for the project to be successfully delivered. Oomri’s flexible project service allows you to either:
1. Choose associates with specific skills that fill gaps in your in-house team, or
2. Use Oomri’s team to deliver your Big Data project in its entirety.

Our flexible approach enables you to work comfortably with us to achieve first class, value-for-money results.