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Technology Infrastructure

Oomri is an independent Technology Infrastructure consultancy with expertise in:

  • Global IT delivery & datacentre operations
  • Corporate IT strategy, data migration, networks and security
  • Technology architecture & integration
  • Emerging technologies & enterprise systems
  • Capital planning investment control
  • Acquisition due diligence & integration/separation>
  • Technology & operations strategy (inc. Agile development & operations)
  • Infrastructure programme design, mobilisation and management

Oomri’s Tech Infrastructure service offers organisations expertise in three broad areas:


Technology strategy is complex, and strategy development is improved by having trusted partners that are not afraid to give their honest opinion. Oomri works with you to design your technology strategy in a way that will challenge your views, always with your best interests at the foremost in our minds. Our technology independence means that we deliver cost-effective strategies and secure solutions designed around your business needs, not those of a particular product suite.

Client Representation

Oomri is an independent organisation with significant experience in the delivery of complex technology projects and initiatives. Oomri will work alongside your in-house team to get the best solutions from your selected technology vendors, helping you to cut through implementation issues and deliver your projects successfully.


Oomri will deliver the projects that ensure that your infrastructure strategy is realised. Once a solution has been decided upon Oomri can be utilised in one of two ways:
1. Oomri can supply a team to take full responsibility for the entire project from start to finish.
2. Oomri associates can be used to supplement your in-house resources, providing certain areas of expertise or additional capacity

We guarantee to promote a flexible delivery mechanism based on your organisation’s capabilities to ensure your chosen infrastructure is implemented successfully.