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ERP and Corporate Apps

Selection of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a complex and time-consuming task. The costs involved are often significant, even for small-scale implementations. Oomri are here to help you design your systems strategy, select the right solution for your company and support your implementation. Oomri’s ERP and Corporate Apps service will help you with:

  • Requirements and needs analysis
  • ERP and application technology strategy, and integration with existing systems
  • System implications related to acquisitions, moving into new markets or overseas
  • System and process reviews
  • System and vendor selection
  • Implementation
  • Organisational change management


Oomri’s ERP and Corporate Apps service offers organisations assistance in three broad areas:

Client Representation

Deciding which ERP system is best for your organisation can be a complex decision. Vendors tend to define your needs in the context of what their systems can provide. Oomri are impartial in deciding which technologies to use and we pride ourselves on our unbiased approach. We start by understanding your business and use this insight to recommend solutions and vendors based on your business needs. We then work alongside your team, as one of you, to ensure the selected vendor delivers your project with the highest possible chance of success, however you define it.


Oomri associates work with you to understand how your business works, where you are trying to go, and how any possible solutions will integrate with your existing technology suite. This – the consideration of our client’s plans coupled with their requirements and wishes of a business system – shapes the strategy that Oomri design. Oomri have successfully delivered ERP and application strategy through implementation for large international clients as well as smaller, single-location organisations. Oomri will help you reach the strategy that is right for your organisation in its current and future context.


You have an in-house team of very competent people who are either i) already very busy, or ii) new to the workload of complex ERP implementations. Oomri has the project resources, experience and skills required for the project to be successfully delivered. Oomri’s flexible project service allows you to either:
1. Choose associates with specific skills that fill gaps in your in-house team, or

2. Use Oomri’s ERP team to take full responsibility for delivery.

Our flexible approach enables you to work comfortably with us to achieve first class results.