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Interim Management

Technology projects often require skills that aren’t present within your organisation. If you go externally for help, a consultancy will offer you consultants whilst a recruitment agency will offer you interim personnel.

Oomri offers you the choice, providing you with the best solution for your circumstances and the tasks at hand. Our history in delivering turnkey projects means that we are ideally placed to help you find the right skills for your particular project.

Oomri associates have delivered projects as an interim member of our client’s organisations covering the following:

  • ERP or SaaS implementations
  • Technology infrastructure projects
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • IPO readiness
  • Organisational restructuring
  • Setting up and running a PMO
  • Data storage and analysis, at internet scale
  • Organisational or functional efficiency programmes

Mission Statement

  • Providing clients with the best resources for technology projects in their bespoke situation
  • Using our project delivery expertise to source the very best associates for our clients
  • Attracting first class interim personnel as associates and helping them to learn and develop
  • Maintaining long term relationships with clients as well as associates
  • Creating extra value beyond the placement of an associate

Interim Management Solutions for Clients

The solutions we offer you cover a broad range:

  • Providing you with the right person to match a particular role
  • Helping you to define your requirements to cover a whole project or programme
  • Complementing a consultancy intervention with interim personnel to represent your best interests with the technology vendor
  • Helping you to develop a sourcing strategy to decide when to use employees, interims, consultancy or outsourced services


Some examples how we’ve helped our clients with interim solutions include:

  • Two interim IT managers lead the implementation of corporate IT applications and technology (incl. ERP), and managed change for the IT function and its stakeholders for an international technology company after a de-merger. The internal teams are complemented by further interim staff, where extra capacity or special skills are required – much more cost effective than using consultants.
  • One SAP HCM expert managed the support function and the transition to new processes from implementation into ongoing support for a public sector organisation.
  • Two project management officers staff the PMO of a major programme for an internet company.