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The Oomri Approach

At Oomri we pride ourselves in providing unique and flexible solutions to enable your organisation to fulfil its potential. Our clients value our ability to find the best way to work with them without insisting on one specific approach or solution. To achieve this Oomri will provide your organisation with a choice of:

- One person (or a small number of associates) to lead or supplement a team of in-house resources or vendors
- An entire team to deliver the solution.

Across all practices Oomri has significant expertise spanning multi-national organisations through to smaller single-location companies. Oomri provides the following services across all practices:

The development of your technology strategy is one of the most important tasks a modern organisation can undertake. Oomri brings cross-industry expertise to the table and will work with you to crystallise your technology strategy based upon the broadest possible range of potential paths. We pride ourselves in ensuring that our strategies are actionable, making it possible to deliver tangible value quickly if required.

Client Representation

Oomri are technology independent. Our clients’ needs are the sole basis for our recommendations and implementation decisions. We do not profit by selling unsuitable solutions, or trying to promote one particular technology or approach over another. Oomri act as your trusted independent advisors, ensuring that technology vendors are held to account to deliver the very solution at the best value for money. We have significant experience in delivering complex technology projects, and hence are well placed to represent your interests during complex technical and commercial negotiations.


Implementation is where the value is delivered. Whether your implementation needs assistance, support, extra attention or complete outsourcing, Oomri can provide what you are looking for. Oomri’s flexible delivery model allows you to choose either individual associates to support your in-house team, or ask us to take full responsibility for your entire project from start to finish. You decide.